Some Thoughts to Share

What I experience out of my exciting journey living my dream is that you have to have a drive and longing for having YOUR AUTHENTIC LIVE!! And without wise and experienced mentors in this field of the „Art of living your life“ you´re lost in all this „opportunities“ or even sticking in your daily life and thinking, once when I have the time, the money, my kids are grown up, when I´m retired…..and…and…and…then I be very honest you never will start this journey! And the good thing is the new upcoming 21st Century is the perfect time to get into this field of fun, pleasure and deep connection with YOURSELF on the very first and then with your family, friends, partners, business…
I was years ago sticking in the limitations of my environment telling me always NO you can´t be an entrepreneur, you have too many kids,( I raised up 5 kids at this time) and you are too old (42 at this time) you can´t have fun and earning money with it…and so on and so on…..
then I met my mentor and coach Irene Xander on a networking event near Cologne and her story enflamed my curiosity! She was married at this time, just recently moved to Cologne with her husband and her 4 daughters and having a theater at Cologne and leading the Entrepreneurschool to train women and men in turning your passion in your profession. She was living an exciting life, being a successful opera singer, trainer and coach and had this great family! She was the first woman in my life show me that „Getting it All“ is possible.
I was so curious about this, that I signed up for the women´s entrepreneurschool and stepped into a new world of seeing myself and what I really want to do! WOUHH!!!
I was thinking I´m a secretary and massage therapist and my true desire is having a massage practice and working also as a secretary together with my kids and my partner. Didn´t had a clue about that I´m a funny person and love to entertain and bring laughter and fun to the world. Also that New York is a deep deep desire of mine, I had no, absolutely no clue about!!!! But again, my curiosity was stronger than what I was thinking about me and I started to follow the impulses coming out of this great coaching with my mentors Irene Xander and Sonja Becker.
I did my first One Woman Show, July, 28th 2008 at the theater of my coach Irene Xander in Cologne, the Severinsburgtheater, the topic was „JETZT KOMMT´S DICK UND FETT“ a show about my „dramatic life“!
I was flashed that people loved it!!!


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