About your Dreamfinder

Hi I´m Josefine from Germany. So happy and fortune living my dream! Just recently moved to New York, founded my company, had a theater at Times Square, traveling around the world doing my dreamfinder coaching and my own Solo-Shows, performed in Germany, Switzerland, Maui, Cape-Town, Southern France.

I started as a single mother raising up 5 kids, 3 with special needs, working as a secretary and as a massage therapist on the side, always curious to learn and to grow. I met my „Dreamfinder“ coach 10 years ago and learned more and more only to do what I really want and to earn a living with it.

I help you to rewake your dream and live the life you meant to live!

Reach out to me for your 30minutes free Dream finder session, when you´re curious about having a fulfilling and outstanding good life, that´s totally fits for you with email at josefine@yourdreamfinderacademy.com or call me at +1-646-286-7379.

Let´s have fun!!

Your Dreamfinder

Josefine Fett