Elfriede Josefine Fett is a courageous pioneer that takes action right from the heart. She is now looking back on over 35 years of professional experience.
Her first years of apprenticeship she made in hotel business at one of the leading Grand Hotels in Europe, the “Excelsior Hotel Ernst”, in Cologne and received her certificate with excellence.
Driven by her natural curiosity she further did advanced trainings about family systems, High Performance Leadership Coaching, New Economy, Business and Performing Arts.
As a mother of three children on her own and also having for 13 years a blended family with five children, Elfriede Josefine Fett was also a pioneer in parents movement to create better day-care centers and kindergarden around Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne at Rhineland.
In service for her cardiac son she achieved changes in the cardiological department of the hospital in Cologne. Since that time parents may stay with their ill children through the night and the interior of the department became child-friendly.
Thanks to her exceptional courage Elfriede Josefine Fett many time was the icebreaker for humanity causes. With her deep sense of humor she fought for the rights of others and herself.
Since 2001 Elfriede Josefine Fett took part at the Entrepreneur School in Cologne and started her education as a High Performance Leadership Coach, learning form Sonja Becker, Irene Xander and Martin Sage in Germany, France and the United States.
Soon she started to coach people about Business and Performing Arts. She brought a lot of people onto their way to live the life they want to live.

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